Critical Care

critical care

Critical Care

Full-spectrum care of patients with life-threatening conditions with comprehensive and constant monitoring

The Centre is located close to the operation theatres and CSSD.  These units have dedicated Nursing station, central monitoring, clean & dirty utility areas and are manned by specialty nurses. For immuno-compromised and infected patients, there are Positive and Negative pressure isolation rooms with independent AHUs. Patient care in ICU is provided by a team of dedicated, highly qualified and trained critical care and respiratory physicians / Intensivists along with various clinical and support services. Additional support is provided by the nurse educator, respiratory technicians, physiotherapists, and patient counsellors.

Infection Control Program: Universal precautions and aseptic precautions are followed in the unit and infection rates like CRBSI, VAP, BSI, and SSI are followed every month. Quality Indicators: ALOS,  End of life care issues

  • Multidisciplinary Care
  • Point of Care Pathology Lab: ABG with electrolytes, lactate & glucose, Cardiac markers (Troponin I, Troponin T, CK-MB, Myoglobin), Toxicology Screen, Urine ketones, Procalcitonin.
  • Advanced Blood Transfusion services
  • Components therapy – gamma-irradiated blood available
  • Bundles of Care: Sepsis, CRBSI, VAP, intubation bundles are followed.
  • Facility for ICU interventions & procedures: ECG, EEG, Echocardiography, Ultrasound and venous Doppler, Upper and lower GI endoscopy with bleeding control, Video-bronchoscopy, Broncho-alveolar lavage, Cardiac pacing, IABP, Hemodialysis, CRRT, CT, MRI imaging, Non invasive Ventilation- CPAP & BIPAP, invasive Ventilation including Recruitment Maneuvers, Prone Ventilation, APRV & Extra Corporeal Membrane oxygenation & Co2 removal.