Enhancing Healthcare. Empowering India.

Over 68% urban and 57% rural population in India refrain from taking medical advice due to financial constraints. Also, for over 5 crore Indians who live in poverty, healthcare is not even a term mentioned in households.

At Shree Mahavir Jain Hospital we care for all strata of society without any prejudice. We aim to ease the financial burden of medical treatment & hospitalization for the underprivileged. We try to help them by giving concessions or occasionally, waiving the charges. However, as MJ Hospital is run by a charitable trust it also has its own financial constraints.

Terms & Conditions

Shree Mahavir Jain Hospital is eligible to receive donations from Indian & Foreign nationals under the provisions of 35AC of Indian Income Tax Act,1961 vide Notification No: S.O.2545 (E) dated 6th October,2009 which have the benefit of 100% tax exemption and under 80G of the Income Tax Act vide Circular No. 1273 dated 3rd June 2008 which covers 50% tax exemption.