Patients Responsibilities

Honesty in Disclosure

  • I will be honest with my doctor & disclose my family/ medical history

Treatment Compliance

  • I will be punctual for my appointments
  • I will do my best to comply with my doctor’s treatment plan
  • I will have realistic expectations from my doctor and his treatment
  • I will inform and bring to the doctor’s notice if it has been difficult to understand any part of the treatment or of the existence of challenges in complying with the treatment.
  • I will display intent to participate intelligently in my medical care by actively involving myself in the prescribed do-at-home activities.

Transparency and Honesty

  • I will do everything in my capacity to maintain healthy habits & routines that contribute to good health, and take responsbility for my health.


  • I will be respecting the doctors and medical staff caring and treating me.
  • I will abide by the hospital / facility rules
  • I will bear the agreed expenses of the treatment that is explained to me in advance and pay my bills on time.